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American Judiciary and Sedition.

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Identify and discuss three separate events or legal developments involving the treatment of sedition in the American judicial system. One legal event chosen must include the facts and decision in Gitlow v. New York.

Describe how these three events or developments affected the limits of freedom of expression under the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

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Matthew Lyon became one of the first individuals to be tried under the Sedition Act representing an important transition of the executive office attempting to use the judiciary for their own purpose of attempting to restrict free speech when it is directed against the current administration. In October of 1798 Lyon was indicted for publishing letters with the intent and design to defame the government and President Adams. His widely provocative persona and political career in Congress as a Republican may have contributed to the pursuit of charges for what could have been construed as his First Amendment right to criticize the president. Nevertheless, the federalists and President Adams attempted to indict him numerous ...

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This solution identifies and disusses three events and legal decisions that shaped sedition law and precedent within the United States legal system. One of the most important legal events discussed was Gitlow v. New York. The importance of these decisions on the limits of freedom of expression under the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution are discussed within this solution.

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