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    Employment Law: ERISA compliance & FLSA

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    21 The two main important issues arising from ERISA compliance are:

    A) funding sources.
    B) reporting and disclosure.
    C) fiduciary issues.
    D) a and b.
    E) a and c.
    F) b and c.

    22 ERISA reporting and disclosure laws do not apply to welfare plans with fewer than ________ employees.

    A) 25.
    B) 50.
    C) 75.
    D) 100.

    23 The right of an employee to maintain, at his or her own expense, coverage under their health plan that would be lost due to a change in circumstance such as termination of employment is afforded by:

    A) the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.
    B) the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act.
    C) the Pension Benefits Guarantee Corporation.
    D) the Age Discrimination in Employment Act.

    24 ERISA requires that all employees aged ________ or over, who have completed ________ of employment, must be covered by their employer's pension plan:

    A) 21; six months
    B) 21; one year.
    C) 25; six months.
    D) 25; one year.

    25 Regarding underpayment of wages, the statute of limitations under the FLSA is ________ year, which stretches to ________ years for willful violations.

    A) 1; 2.
    B) 2; 3.
    C) 3; 4.
    D) 4; 5.

    26 The following employee is not exempt from FLSA overtime provisions:

    A) clerical workers.
    B) administrative workers.
    C) executives.
    D) professionals.
    E) none of the above, there are no exceptions or exemptions from the overtime provisions of the FLSA.

    27 Which of the following, does not have to be evidenced in order to prove that a topless dancer at a nightclub, is an employee for FLSA purposes?

    A) that the club dictates the dancer's hours and assignments.
    B) that the dancers profit, in part, depends on the clubs advertising and ability to draw customers.
    C) that their earnings significantly exceed minimum wage.
    D) that the dancers do not need to possess or exhibit experience, skill or initiative to accomplish the job.

    28 Lakesha is a secretary and works full time in an office. She makes $10.00 per hour and although she works a 37 1/2 hour week, she is paid on the basis of 40 hours. She therefore grosses $400.00 per week. Her boss Mike has asked her to work on a Saturday, one of her normal days off. If she works 8 hours, how much should her gross pay be that week?

    A) $455.00.
    B) $480.00.
    C) $482.50.
    D) $520.00.

    29 The FLSA is administered by:

    A) the EEOC.
    B) the Fair Labor Standards Administration.
    C) the Department of Labor.
    D) State and Federal courts.

    30 All employees of a business will be covered under the FLSA if the business is engaged in interstate commerce or in producing goods for interstate commerce and meets a minimum gross annual income requirement. This coverage is called:

    A) enterprise coverage.
    B) individual coverage.
    C) venture coverage.
    D) trade coverage.

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