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Conocer and Saber

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Please translate using conocer or saber

Using saber and conocer

I know she has red hair.
My Mother knows all of my friends.
My Mother knows about it.
My Mother knows when it will rain.
My sister Zachary knows she is the tallest.
My brother does not know I have red hair.
My Father knows about the new house.

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Meaning Changes: Preterite versus Imperfect

Please translate the following, using the preterite or imperfect form of the verb as needed.
Verbs used: conocer, saber, querer, poder

1. Did you meet someone famous last year?

2. She didn't know how to cook well.

3. He tried to fix the car.

4. He failed to determine the problem.

5. Unfortunately, my mother found out.

6. I used to know him.

7. The little girl refused to eat.

8. He succeeded in solving the problem.

9. The little boy didn't want to go to school.

10. He wanted to stay home.

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