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    The Anti- Free Trade Position

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    What rationale is given by detractors of free trade to justify their positions.
    Please identify people or groups and give a summary of their position.

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    Look at the literature of globalization. Those writing in opposition of globalization will refer to free trade extensively in their arguments.

    Among other points, many of these writers note that free trade is only free for the US, as they have the might to maintain domestic protectionist measures. The US also has a track record of ignoring WTO rulings against them.

    As a starter, ...

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    This solution presents the rationale some parties use in arguing against free trade. It includes comments on trade barriers, free movement of workers, the role of the IMF, and multinational corporations.

    This solution includes a list of authors who write in oppostion of globalization. Much of thier work includes chapters (or even full articles and books) on the issue of free trade.

    This solution also includes one article as an attachment.