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    Global supply chain, home government regulations, innovation

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    Please provide 2-3 paragraphs for each question:

    1. Should Firms Outsource Innovation? YES/NO

    2. Should Home Governments Regulate Their Companies' Marketing in Developing Countries? /YES/NO

    3. Uncertainty and the Global Supply Chain

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    1. Yes to a point. Apple is an example of a company that innovates in more than one area and does it well as one of its core competencies. Not many companies actually can innovate at the level that Apple accomplishes. This means that companies must look to other companies to help innovate products and services. Some companies are better at some jobs than others are. This includes companies that only do specific types of work such as human resources, payroll, research, or investing. It would then be a good idea to use outsourcing to gain better practices and processes through the innovative techniques these companies use.

    That said, innovation requires using the knowledge of the products and services of a company to make improvements to those offerings. Another company may be limited in knowing the culture, the processes, and the strategies of the organization. Innovation must come from understanding the product or ...

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