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    Chinese companies doing business in America

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    I'm trying to find sources for these question but I am not having any luck. Some sources would be great.

    What types of changes have they made to business practices in their dealing with Americans?

    What obstacles have they encountered? I did find an article but would like more.

    How have they overcome those obstacles? I did find an article but it only talks about the obstacle not a solution.

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    Type of changes Chinese companies have made to business practices in dealing with China

    The Chinese companies have to make change and understand all U.S legal requirements concerning customs and imports laws, and regarding documentation compliance with the U.S laws. Unlike in China, U.S has stringent IP laws, and therefore Chinese have change the way they sell goods under a given brand name, trademark, or slogan by making sure they are not infringing on others IP rights. They also have to adapt to the U.S system of conducting contracts between parties in order to avoid lawsuits and claims which they didn't expect. In the U.S properly drafted contracts are often the best weapon in business or the best defense against lawsuits (Wise, 2008; Harris 2010a).

    The Chinese companies also may need to purchase a product liability insurance and commercial risk insurance. This would significantly reduce the risk of product liability. The companies also have to adopt employment contracts for its employees according to American law defining the term and conditions of working. These employees are often regarded as employees of this U.S entity and not employees of the parent Chinese company. The Chinese businessmen also have to adapt to the American federal labor laws thereby giving their employee in America, the treatment that other employee in other sectors receive. Most Chinese companies have to work ...

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    The changes and obstacles of Chinese Companies doing business in America are examined.