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Examine the follwing risks for going global in the country of Turkey:

Political, legal, and regulatory risks

Competitive risk assessment

Exchange and repatriation of funds risks

Taxation and double taxation risks

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Political, legal, and regulatory risks:

The elimination of political interference in the economy, public sector reform and the consolidation of the financial sector together pave the way to better functioning market economy and sustainable high growth.

In recent years, Turkey's market reforms, strong growth and economic and political stability have attracted large amounts of Foreign Direct Investment. In 2006 and again in 2007, Turkey attracted almost $20 billion a year in Foreign Direct investment. Cumulative American investment in Turkey is officially about $4.6 billion (a number which is understated because of U.S. company investments through third country affiliates). However, an area of concern is the low level of greenfield investment ?less than 10% of the total. This reflects continuing concerns by foreign companies about excessive bureaucracy, an unpredictable legal system and weak intellectual property protection.

The Government of Turkey (GOT) views foreign direct investment as vital to the country's economic development and prosperity. Accordingly, Turkey has one of the most liberal legal regimes for FDI in the OECD. With the exception of some sectors areas open to the Turkish private sector are generally open to foreign participation and investment. However, all investors ?regardless of nationality ?face a number of challenges: excessive bureaucracy, a slow judicial system, high taxes, weaknesses in corporate governance, sometimes ...

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Examine the follwing risks for going global in the country of Turkey:

Political, legal, and regulatory risks

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