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    President Nixon and the Vietnam War

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    1) What were Nixon's major policies towards war in Vietnam?

    2) How were his policies different than LBJ's? How were they the same?

    3) How was Nixon's escalation which led to massive protests like the one at Kent State in 1970 a metaphor for the war coming home?

    4) How did differing groups see the Kent State Shootings? What did this mean in the big picture as far as what America was becoming?

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    1) Nixon's biggest strategy was "victory by force." He literally said "bomb the hell out of them" and ordered such an offensive on a universally recognized armistice day: Christmas. Nixon was essentially tired of the conflict, and of being consistently outnumbered and outmaneuvered by locals and (in reality) the communist countries joshing around with people's lives by acting like non-major players and essentially fighting the war for the Vietcong (with the supplies, weapons, training, etc.). Eisenhower's policy hadn't worked, JFK and LBJ had failed as well?Nixon, in my humble opinion, was just tired of messing around and wanted it to end without another Presidential failure. Of course ironically for him, he failed domestically, ...

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    The expert examines President Nixon's major policies towards war in Vietnam. How the policies were different than LBJ's is determined.