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    Power shifts after WWI and WWII

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    In the race for global empire in the 20th and 21st centuries, how did the two world wars and the cold war shift global power from Great Britain, France and Germany to the United States. Russia, Japan, China and the European Union? This job shows the role of ideology and religion in this intersection.

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    Basically, WWI caused the power balance in the world to shift as Germany lost most of its overseas possessions and the British Empire grew to include territories formerly belonging to Germany and the Ottoman Empire. The French won back territories lost during the Franco-Prussian war (alsace-lorraine) and the US emerged unscathed with relatively few losses when compared to the Europeans. It was clear that the US would be the dominant economic power of thr 20th century by the end of WWI, and the British Empire though larger than ever before, was not financially sound. Russia devolved into revolution with the Bolsheviks (communism) seizing control and moving to rapidly industrialize Russia (now the Soviet Union).

    WWII caused the utter devastation of large parts of Europe. Germany was totally defeated and split in two halves. (East Germany was communist, West Germany was democratic and capitalist)
    France bore ...

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    Power shifts after WWI and WWII are shown.