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Women's Movements

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Choose one of the new populations that became part of the focus of early 19th century welfare policy. (I choose the women's movements.)

Why did their inclusion become important to the nations social structure? With slavery being abolished it exposed how out of place or inappropriate it was that women were still not given rights. The abolition of slavery is what started the nation's social structure on the women's movement.

What do you believe the government was trying to achieve with the new policy? Not really sure about how to answer this question whwn it comes to policy.

How can we relate these changes to what we are experiencing in the united states today?

Am I headed in the right direction?

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It depends on where your headed.

Women have been fighting for rights since the late 18th century. We see a big diffence between the women of the American colonies and the women of the French colonies. French women were seen as equal to men in the 1700's. We find them on business contracts, deed's of trust, and even negotiating marriage contracts for their children.
When the Americans gained the French territory, French women found themselves going backwards instead of ...

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