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    the "sprightly handmaiden of expansion"

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    How Democracy is the "sprightly handmaiden of expansion." What does that mean?

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    Democracy as the "sprightly handmaiden of expansion"

    That quote is used by William Appleman Williams in an article titled "The Choice Before Us." Williams describes the United States long standing belief in expansion from as early as the American Revolution and up though the 1890s. Fredrick Jackson Turner is known for writing an essay called "The Significance of the Frontier in American History," The Frontier thesis said that America needed a frontier, that it was part of our make up or American Identity. We needed a frontier to expand our democratic ideals and our superior culture. In the 1890s we fought the Spanish-American War and gained land outside the ...

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    The solution explains briefly why the phrase the "sprightly handmaiden of expansion" is related to Democracy in the period that was the 1890's.