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    Standard of Living in the U.S.

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    Do you think that your standard of living will be greater than that of your parents? Will your lifestyle be more comfortable or fulfilling? Why or why not? What can each of us do to improve the standard of living for all Americans?

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    It is better to argue that the standard of living between today's generation is different than that of predecessors. In other words, some aspects of today's world enhances people's living, while other aspects hinders people's lifestyles. For example, scholars have argued that advancements in technology have improved people's standards of living and makes their lifestyles more comfortable. Better washing machines and vacuum cleaner have made household living and cleaning more efficient. Cell phones make it easier for people to communicate. People no longer have to send letters with postage stamps (or even send ...

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    This solution discusses the standard of living for different U.S. generations and provides some of the arguments that the current generation experience a higher living standard that their parents as well as the inverse arguments.