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Ramifications regarding the transcontinental railroad

Please discuss today's ramifications regarding the transcontinental railroad.

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The transcontinental railroad is a railway that crosses a continent, typically from "sea to sea". Terminals are at or connected to different oceans. Because Europe is criss-crossed by railroads, railroads within Europe are usually not considered transcontinental, the Orient Express perhaps being an exception.The first transcontinental railroad was the Panama Railway, completed in 1855. Built near the narrowest point on the continent, the Isthmus of Panama (then part of Colombia), the railroad was only 48 miles long. In the United States, the area of the Mississippi River has always been a transfer point between systems in the East and West. No company has controlled a route all the way from one coast to the other (though several had lines between the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico). The reason for this is fairly simple - if an eastern company were to ally itself with a western company, it would no ...