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Internet Censorship

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The Internet has become the greatest library ever. With the good comes the bad, however. In particular, some concerned citizens are worried that children too easily can access websites containing inappropriate material such as pornography or racial propaganda. Several solutions to this perceived problem have emerged. One is indirect censorship through federal or state laws that criminalize the transmission of pornographic material online. Another possibility is federal or state laws requiring the use of so-called filtering programs when children are involved. In either case, the battle lines are drawn. Civil libertarian groups and other free speech advocates want no censorship. Concerned parent groups think differently. How do you feel about this issue? Why? Defend your position using concrete examples.

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A discussion about the pros and cons of Internet censorship in an effort to protect children.

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My name is Jason Blair and it is my pleasure to be assisting you today with some notes relating to Internet Censorship. By way of introduction, I am a professor in the state of Arizona.

The question of Internet Censorship is a fascinating one and is one that is the news quite a bit recently. It is also an issue that has no easy answer and is likely not going to be definitely solved any time soon. Ironically, this debate is not new. It is an old argument that simply has a new technological medium. When pornography was first introduced into mainstream America, there were debates large and small about how to keep such material out of the hands of children. At first, such items could only be sold in ...

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