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    How did the automobile transformed American society

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    How did the automobile transform American society? How did people respond to those changes? What is the impact of the automobile culture today? What attempts, if any, are being made to counter that culture?

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    The birth of the automobile emerged within the machine age (1877-1920) of the United States. During this period there was a boom of the industrial revolution and significant technological processes propelled this process, such as the harnessing of electricity.

    In the 1890s, Henry Ford, an electrical engineer in Detroit's Edison Company, experimented in his spare time with using Daimler's gasoline-buring engine to power a vehicle. Though other people in Europe and in the U.S. had already started to tinker with the engine, it was Ford who applied organizational genius to his invention and developed a massive industry. Ford set up assembly lines and the Ford Motor company began operation in 1903. By utilizing assembly lines, Ford was able to democratize the automobile and make it affordable for many people to have one (e.g. Ford offered the Five-Dollar-Day purchase plan to enable power workers and people to purchase an automobile).

    The automobile greatly transformed the ...

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    This solution explores how the the automobile transformed American society. It highlights how people responded to those changes and the impact of the automobile culture today.