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American Revolution and Defeat of the British

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Discuss a one to two key word and then a sentence or explanation after for each question.


Industry: the North had greater industrial capacity that better supplied union troops.

1. Explain four causes of the American Revolutionary War (do not name four different taxes or slogans) and three consequences.

2. Explain three reasons why the colonists were able to defeat the British.

3. Explain three reasons why the Articles of Confederation did not work.

4. Explain the concept of federalism and give an example of how it works.

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The solution discusses the American Revolution and the defeat of the British.

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1. Explain four causes of the American Revolutionary War (do not name four different taxes or slogans) and three consequences.

a. Taxes--The British passed a series of taxes designed specifically to raise revenue from the colonies. Colonists protested these taxes. The protests, which grew, began developing new slogans­ including "No taxation without representation". Many colonies agreed not to import any British goods until the Stamp Tax was repealed.

b. Tea--The new act granted a monopoly on tea trade in the Americas to the East India Tea Company. This angered King George III, so Boston harbor was closed to all ships until the colonists paid for the tea which they had destroyed. As a result merchant ships were unable to bring their wares to Boston, and colonists who made their living by fishing the waters of the Atlantic were no longer able to ply their trade. Residents of the other colonies around Massachusetts began to send supplies and money to the citizens of Boston. This act of reaching out to help a colony in distress became the beginning of a unification of the people.

c. Sons of Liberty--One of the American reactions to the stamp act was the creation of secret organizations throughout the colonies, known as the Sons of Liberty. Led by prominent citizens, they resorted to coercion to force stamp agents to resign their ...

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