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More about how environmental perspectives develop

Some people because they are very poor cherish the land because it is what sustains them. Those people have vast amounts of agricultural knowledge and experience. Sharecroppers would be a good example.
In my experience, some poor people living in urban areas figure out how to plant vegetable gardens and insist on having flower beds to add to the aesthetics of the area.
I think the factor about education or experience affecting a person's perspectives can be a mute point. Your choice of a major in college may have nothing to do with your perspectives on environmental issues.explain

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I believe you meant that a person's major can be a moot point. That means that it doesn't really matter. You may be correct about that point; honestly, it depends on the person. Sometimes once a person chooses a major, the coursework they take makes them more aware of environmental impacts. Sometimes it makes them more likely to side with business interests. As for most of the people (I have been tutoring college students since the mid 90's) I work ...

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More information about how individual perspectives on the environment develop, as impacted by life experiences and education is provided in the solution.