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History of Banned Books

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I need help finding information and sources on the history of banned books in the united states. I have to write two-three pages on why books were challenged/banned and discuss the history from the beginning period in the U.S. to the 1960s. I also have to come up with a list of at least 50 books that were challenged/banned, and describe why. Can someone please help me with this by providing me an overview/explanations of this period of time, a list of why and which books were banned, and a list of peer-reviewed sources. Thanks

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Censorship in the U.S. begain in 1873. That year Anthony Comstock founded the New York Society for the Suppression of Vice whose main objective was to get rid of obscene materials from entering society. The society wanted to mostly suppress pornography and crime novels and his group led to bans of such books in Massachusetts, California, Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Tennessee, ...

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