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    Group Diaspora and Immigration Laws

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    I need help in finding a particular people group's diaspora and how do I report such findings in a profile that would include reasons for dispersion, ways of adapting and contributing to new areas, treatment and modes of reception in the new places, and how immigration laws impacted their dispersal.

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    The diaspora of the African people of many different nations has a very long and storied history, although this history is reeked in horrible and terrible events. The forced diaspora of the African people of many West African nations such as Senegal, the Ivory Coast, Chad, the Gold Coast, Angola, etc. begins with the European slave trade from the late 1500s to the early 1800s. In this tremendous forced migration or diaspora of people, Africans were taken from their native homes and spread throughout many different areas of the Western world. Contrary to popular belief the majority of Africans were not brought to the United States but were taken to Brazil, which has the largest population of people of African descent in the Western Hemisphere to this very day. These individuals were brought here from the west African coast as a part of the Portuguese slave trade. In addition, slaves were also brought to many Spanish settlements in South America, which includes present-day Colombia, ...

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    How immigration laws impacted their dispersal are determined. The new areas, treatment and modes of receptions in the new places are provided.