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Climate influence on winemaking

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Discussion Question 2
How does climate influence how wines are made in Germany? How is this different from the North America?

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The wine regions of Germany are concentrated mainly in the South-western part of the country which is 50 degrees parallel in latitude to Labrador. Its vineyards are located on steep south facing slopes, in several valleys and almost always close to a river that tempers the climate, acting as a heat reflector, helping to a keep a constant temperature at all times. In the fall the mist and fog that rises from the river protects the grapes from early frost. The direction and inclination of a particular slope, the intensity of sunshine reflected from mirroring rivers, a protective ridge of hills, or a forested mountain summit which deflects the wind all help the wine achieve optimum taste and quality.

In Northern Germany there is a moderate climate without intense heat. As a result it takes grapes longer to ripen there than in the southern part of the country. That is why ...

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This solution discusses how climate influences winemaking in Germany as well as parts of North America.

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