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Discussion on climate influence on mass wasting processes

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How does climate control or influence mass wasting? Also, intuitively, it would seem that rainy climates would be most susceptible to mass wasting. But why might arid climates experience a great deal of mass wasting even though there is less annual rainfall?

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Mass wasting is defined as the downward movement of rock, rock powder, and soil under the direct influence of gravity. There are many sub-types of mass wasting, including creep, slide, slump, earthflow, debris flow and solifluction (soil flow). Some are fast-moving processes, while others are slow. Gravity is THE controlling force of mass wasting, but other factors do come into play in creating downward motion and overcoming inertia. These factors work ...

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In this solution, I discuss what mass wasting is and how it can be influenced by particular climates.

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