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Advancements in military technology during World War II

Select a U.S. conflict discussed in the units, and describe the technological advancement you believe was the most significant in terms of battlefield success. Support your answer with specific details and explanations.

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I am going to provide you with a brief discussion on WW II and technological advancements that impacted the course of the conflict. Since I do not know what conflicts are discussed in your course and you have only bid one credit, I will hope this is sufficient. The following is an example of my original thought. Please do not use my original material to complete your assignment. That is plagiarism. Only use my thoughts to help you better understand the topic and the assignment.


The submarine, the airplane, improved communication systems, military intelligence, and the development of a nuclear ...

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This solution details some of the advancements in military technology during World War II, including the development of a nuclear weapon.