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A Comparison between the Populist and Progressive movements

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In what ways were the "Progressives" the first modern American reform movement? Who were the progressives? How did the Progressives differ from the Populists? What did they seek to do and did they succeed? What impact did this reform effort have on American history?

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This solution addresses the reform issues of both the Populist and Progressive movements. It also explains how the Populists influenced the Progressives.

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In what ways were the Progressives the first modern reform movement?
For the first time reformers, collectively known as Progressives and representing a broad span of issues, raised questions about the quality of life and made the American people more aware of its principles and promises. For instance, the Progressive era produced four amendments to the Constitution (16th Income Tax; 17th Direct Election of Senators; 18th Prohibition; 19th Women's suffrage). Given how difficult it is to amend the Constitution, the efforts of the Progressives are astounding. There were also laws passed to regulate big business and child labor. Worker compensation laws were passed for the first time. So because their efforts to reform covered such a wide spectrum and that had so much success this explains why they are known as the first modern reform movement.

Who were the Progressives?
At the turn of the century, many Americans had become convinced that rapid industrialization and urbanization along with other ...

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