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    The election of 1896

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    Why is the election of 1896 considered one of the most important in the nation's history? The solution also includes references.

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    The election of 1896 was notable because of its complexity and the influence of a third party: the Populists. The Populist movement grew out of frustrations of the American farmer. For many years farmers had been subject to worsening economic and social conditions. They wanted to alleviate the lack of cash and credit problems of farmers. Therefore farmers' alliances formed a political party known as the Populists. This party had made quite a bit of headway in the Presidential election of 1892 and the mid term Congressional elections of 1894. The Populists fully expected to carry the White House in 1896.

    The currency issue became the hot topic for the election of 1896. Creditors, bankers, and businessmen supported currency based on a gold standard. This kept the economy under stable and tight control. However, farmers and debtors called for the coinage of silver because this would inflate the currency and allow them a better opportunity to pay off ...

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