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Native American history in California study guide eight.

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1) Who received the 1969 Pulitzer Prize for fiction?

2) What is the term "deracination"?

3) What are four of the major novels by Berkeley Professor Gerald Vizenor?

4) What is the name of the California short-story writer who retold the legend of the Mouse Brothers?

5) What is the relationship between Native American writer N. Scott Momaday and Stanford poet Yvor Winters?

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1) What did the California state supreme court rule in the case of People v. Woody (1964)?
It ruled that the state could not prohibit people from using peyote (a hallucinogenic drug) if it was used during a religious ceremony. For many tribal people peyote it was used as communion is celebrated in Christian ceremonies.

2) According to Leanne Hinton, how many California Indian languages in 1994 were being learned by children as the primary language of ...

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