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    Heterarchy and Hierarchy

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    Please help with the following:

    I need help to write a one page summary of this article. Please answer in own words and when referring to article please reference this article reference in text and reference at the bottom.

    Thank you your help is greatly needed!

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    Please read the article first to get a general understanding of what the authors are trying to say. Now, let's look at a summary to help you formulate your final response.


    Tickle-Degnen and Bepell (2003) were interested in the role of "levels of evidence"-ranking scale that is used to assess the quality of information coming from research-in clinical decisions.

    The purpose of the paper is stated by the authors: the purpose "was to argue a method of relevant, valid and available research evidence for making clinical decisions" (Tickle-Degnen & Bepell, 2003, p. 234). The study is limited to research related to the goals of choosing appropriate therapeutic interventions with clients. However, the authors report that they also recognize that clinicians also use other information in forming clinical judgments. Specifically, this study attempted to reframe the argument of best evidence in occupational therapy (Tickle-Degnen & Bepell, 2003).

    In this article, the authors begin by critically ...

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    Assists in a summary of the attached article "Heterarchy and Hierarchy: A critical appraisal of the levels of evidence" (Tickle-Degnen & Bepell, 2003).