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    The Powerful Influence of Female Gender Norms

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    Consider the influence of gender norms and ideals of femininity in terms of behaviour in Warner's study.

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    In terms of influence, gender norms and ideals of femininity have a tremendously powerful influence on behavior. What is interesting is that gender norms and ideals of femininity affect not only the behavior of women, but also the behavior of those individuals that come into contact with these women. This is due to the fact that the societal reinforcement of gender norms and ideals of femininity cause individuals to expect certain behaviors and actions from women, and tend to treat those women that do not display these acceptable behaviors less benevolently. This situation tends to exacerbate any underlying mental health issues that some women may have, largely due to the fact that these women are under intense pressure to conduct themselves in accordance with gender ...

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    This solution describes the powerful influence of female gender norms on behavior.