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    How to handle confrontations in a professional environment

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    I need 4 sentence only eliminate as much as possible. in a few words,

    sentence number 1:

    I had high blood pressure as a result of your policy that you have used with me " assigning me to work on a project then unannounced you stop me to continue the work." this caused me emotional distress.

    sentence number 2:

    Not all people react to situation the same way, the way you treat me here in this situation was NOT gentle, unannounced and indirect way and not professional which indicates disrespect. I don't deserve this treatment.

    sentence number 3:

    After all the pain you caused to me intentionally within the past 3 days, I will treat you as my head manager and that is it, nothing else.
    If you need anything from me please dail my extension, we don't need to meet at all. All your paperwork will be sent through your inbox.

    The existence of females in our department to visit your office without a reasonable reason is an issue that causes me emotional distress.

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    How do you handle confrontation? How do you tell someone that you are not pleased, but still keep the conversation professional?