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How to Write a Comparative Paper

Please help with showing me how to do a comparative paper using the topics in attached document.


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Comparison Analysis

Firstly, as far as the directions go, it seems like a straightforward comparison paper?basically, taking apart the works and lining up pieces that are similar in thematic treatment. While I can't say I've read the works you attached before, what I can say is that the directions seem very easy to follow even after reading them and looking at them in the time I have, since picking up the posting. So I'll have plenty of ideas, references, and approaches to consider.

So secondly, as far as content ideas go, please consider the following. The first thing you want to consider is that one piece is clearly shorter than the rest; in order for them to be truly comparable, then (and they must, or the directions would not ask for such), the shorter reading has to be packed with meaning. And it is. Therefore, to be able to refer to the texts enough times, I started thinking of focusing on the shorter writing first. This proved invaluable to me, as I was quickly able to discern ...

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The solution assists in how to write a comparative paper.