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Support and Claim Analysis

This posting analyzes a chosen selection for the claim and support of its argument. It also analyzes a selection for all aspects of claim, support, and the relationship between the two using these core questions:

What is the central claim (thesis) of the essay you're analyzing? Where is it located in the essay? What type of claim is it? What evidence does the writer provide as support for this claim? Is the evidence appropriate for the claim? Does it fit? Is it convincing? Is the support organized in the best order to support the claim?


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As you analyze the chosen selection for the claim and support of its argument, please examine the central claim (thesis) of the essay as the author's proposal to implement an American federal law to grant all working Americans "at least for weeks paid vacation per year." This thesis is located initially in his argument within the third paragraph to state his main purpose.

Similarly, I would classify this claim as a claim of action or policy since it claims suggests that an action should be taken on the matter.

As you assess types of evidence that the writer provides as support for this ...

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This posting lists some ideas used as a model to evaluate an article in this terms.