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A Raisin in the Sun Characters, Foils, Plot Events

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Where do the major elements of a play's structure begin and end in Hansberry work? For example, what part of the play marks the beginning of the work's climax? (1 Paragraph)
In Acts I and II, how does Bobo serve as a foil to Walter Lee? Among the other supporting characters, what is the role of Joseph Asgasi and George Murchison? What role do they play in Beneatha's life? How does Hansberry use Karl Linder to throw added light on the conditions of American society in the 1950s? Besides taking the lead role in the family, after her husband dies, what does Lenna's (Mama) role symbolize in the play. What role does Ruth project?

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First, as you examine major elements of a play's structure and climax, please note that the entire conflict unravels immediately when Bobo informs Walter that Willy has taken the money. This plot event is climatic because it ruins Walter's dream of opening his own business.

In addition, the climax also seems to occur when Walter informs Mr. Lindner during his second visit that the family plans to move into their new house as planned. The play uses strong rising action when Walter invests the money in the liquor store scheme.

As you explain how Bobo is a foil to Walter Lee, please note that a foil is a character who ...

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