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    How to Write a Letter Declining a Job Offer When You Have Already Accepted

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    Hi. I accepted a task to do for someone oversees & now that I took a good look at it, I can't do it. It takes too much of my time & I don't have the time for it. I need to send an email saying I cannot do this because I was given a project from my current job ....I need to make it seem imp not leaving because of the amount of work. Help if you can please!

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    These kinds of messages can certainly be tricky.

    Though your email does not have to be long, you'll want to make sure that if accomplishes the following objectives:

    - That it is clear you will not be completing the task
    -That your tone is respectful
    - That it's clear that you aren't afraid of hard work, but circumstances have arisen (time constraints) that will prevent you from completing the task.

    I suggest you format your email accordingly. I have written ...

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    This solution addresses the following dilemma: you have accepted a job offer or you have agreed to complete a task, but are no longer able to do so. This solution gives template sentences and a format for structuring your email so that the following objectives are achieved: that you maintain a courteous tone, that you make it clear that you will not be completing the task, that you are able to complete similar tasks in the future, and that you make it clear you are not declining the job because you don't enjoy difficult tasks.