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    Laws relating to offer and acceptance

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    David manufactures office equipment. Earlier this year he developed a revolutionary new scanner. On 20th May he wrote to Robert and Jenny, both wholesalers whom he had dealt with previously, asking each of them whether they would be interested in becoming the sole distributor for the scanner. On 22nd May Robert and Jenny each wrote to David independently stating that they were interested in becoming the sole distributor for the scanner and would like further information.

    On 24th May David wrote to Robert stating â??I offer you the post of sole distributor of the scanner at a basic 10% commission. If I hear nothing from you by 31st May, I will assume that this is acceptable to you.â?

    On receiving Davidâ??s letter Robert immediately posted a letter to David in which he accepted Davidâ??s offer, however he incorrectly addressed the letter and consequently the letter did not arrive until 2nd June.

    Meanwhile on 31st May, Jenny, having heard nothing from David since the letter of 20th May, posted a letter to David in which she offered to become Davidâ??s sole distributor for a 5% commission.

    David received Jennyâ??s letter on 1st June and immediately posted a letter to her accepting her offer. David then telephoned Robert and told him that the post of sole distributor was no longer available. Robert insists that there is a binding contract to appoint him.

    Advise the parties with regard to the law relating to offer and acceptance.

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    Law Relating to Offer and Acceptance

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    The general structure of a problem question is law is Fact, Issue, Law, Application of the Law and conclusion (FILAC). Since the facts are already mentioned you may start by identifying the legal issues. In this case the main issues, for example would be whether there has been an offer and whether there has been an acceptance. After stating the issues you have identified, you need to discuss the law in relation to those issues. The law includes case law as any statutory provisions relating to the issue. Note that if there is a statutory provision regarding the issue that over rides the case law. After discussing the law, you then apply the law to your current problem. For instance you may say that ...

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