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    Discussion on Types of Logical Fallacies

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    Using various resources, read about at least one of the following logical fallacies:

    - Circular Argument (also called Circular Reasoning)
    - Personal Attack (also called Argumentum ad Hominem)
    - Hasty Generalization (also called Dicto Simpliciter)
    - Either/Or Fallacy (also called False Dilemma)
    - Non Sequitur Appeal to the Crowd (also called Argumentum ad Populum or Appeal to Popularity)

    Give an example of an argument that you have heard or read in the past which demonstrates one of these logical fallacies and identify which logical fallacy it demonstrates. Explain how you would counter this argument with correct logic.

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    Circular Argument (also called Circular Reasoning)
    Definition: The statement made contains the proof of the statement.

    Example: The Bible must be infallible - this verse says it is the word of God.
    This is an example of a statement that uses itself to prove that the statement is true.

    Counter: Disprove any part of the statement and the conclusion is null. If you cannot prove that there is a God then you cannot prove that the Bible is infallible. Give examples were the bible is fallible and you disprove the ...

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    In about 350 words, each of the five listed logical fallacies are discussed and an example of each and how it can be disproved is included. Multiple references are given for each logical fallacy.