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    Arguments that Pass Tests of Truth and Relevance

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    Locate a Twitter feed, Facebook profile, or other social presence for a celebrity. This can be an actor, athlete, musician, or even a religious figure. Choose someone that you are interested in, or someone you've heard a lot about and want to investigate. Remember: You do not need to join a social network to view this information. See Next Steps in the above lesson for more tips on finding this information.

    Once you find your subject, observe the ways in which this well-known person chooses to represent himself/herself online. Note trends in the posts by using the criteria that was provided in the lesson, and write 2 paragraphs that describe what you saw.

    Here are tests for an argument:
    1. Test of Truthfulness of the Premises - The reason is true in each of its premises, explicit and implicit.
    2. Test of Logical Strength - If the reason were true, then the conclusion (claim) would be true or very probably true.
    3. Test of Relevance - The truth of the claim depends on the truth of the reason.
    4. Test of Non-Circularity - The truth of the reason does not depend on the truth of the claim.

    Next, describe your selected argument in one paragraph, and then share your observations in 1-2 paragraphs. Did your argument pass the tests? Did it fail the tests? Formulate an argument that you could make based upon the evidence that you saw. State your argument and write 1 paragraph about how your argument would pass the four argument tests, or where you might need more information.

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    Here you go - hope this helps and that you like Michael Phelps! Good luck.

    I chose to look up Michael Phelps, "the most decorated athlete from the 2012 Olympics" on Facebook (2012). In researching his Facebook page, I was impressed with his dedication to charity, and his ability to combine charity with his star power in sports to create good. Michael Phelps's posts are regular, documenting his charitable activities. This past week his posts include a visit on "Meet the Press" with Denzel Washington and the Boys and Girls Clubs of America president to promote water safety and swimming through the club. A previous post advertises the ability for fans (of which Michael has more that 6 million on Facebook) to bid on the headphones he wore before Olympic races. Michael points out in his posts that all proceeds will go to the Michael Phelps ...

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    This detailed solution takes an example from social media based on a celebrity and evaluates how the celebrity represents him/herself online. Based upon this the writer makes an argument about the celebrity, and then evaluates if the argument holds up to the four tests for an argument. Examples and APA references are included.