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    Traffic Enforcement Cameras: Prewriting

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    I need to use the invention ENFORCEMENT CAMERA to answer the following question-
    Are law enforcement cameras an invasion of privacy?

    I have to use the question to:
    1. Develop a thesis statement and 3 strong supporting subtopics.
    2. Create a topic sentence outline (scheme strategy).
    3. Prepare a first-draft essay.

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    Traffic Enforcement Cameras

    As you research your topic, your first decision will need to be whether you approve of most current uses of enforcement cameras, disapprove, or feel that some uses of them are justified but that they can infringe on the rights of citizens if their use is not restricted by clear and uniform guidelines. Your thesis statement for the paper should reflect this position. Your next step in prewriting should be doing research, looking for newspaper or magazine stories discussing uses of enforcement cameras and relevant law suits to obtain examples of actual cases to discuss rather than relying exclusively on hypothetical examples. Once you have your research complete, you would begin writing your outline and then expand it into an essay. The sections I would recommend for this assignment are:

    Introduction: ...

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