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    Determining the Output Power Level of the Attenuator

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    An attenuator has an attenuation of 10 dB over the frequency range 10 MHz to 1.0 GHz. A signal at the input of the attenuator has a frequency of 257 MHz and a power level of 10 dBW. What is the power level at the output of the attenuator in dBm?

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    Attenuation is A = 10 dB @ 257 MHz

    Power level at output of attenuator for a 10 dBW signal is given by (1) below.

    P(out) = P(in) - A (1)

    Thus putting in values

    P(out) = 10 dBW - 10 = 0 dBW

    By definition, value in dBW = 10. Log{Value in W/1W) (2)

    Work back to find 0 dBW in terms of linear quantity W, taking powers of 10 both sides of (2). ...

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    The o/p level in dBm through an attenuator is determined knowing the characteristics of its attenuation and its i/p level in dBW