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    Find surface area and volume of object through 180 degrees of rotation

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    Calculate the volume and total surface area of a shape that has been rotated through 180 degrees.

    Please see the attached file.

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    Please see the attached file.

    Determine the volume and total surface area of the body.

    Please show all steps in detail.

    NOTE: we can take this object a hallow half frustum cone .

    a1= 94 a2= 42
    b1= 20 b2=20
    h1= 60 h2=60

    1) Volume = (1/3) Phi (h)( a^2 + ab + b^2)

    Volume of object = Volumeof OuterObject - Volumeof InnerObject
    note: object is in shape of truncated cone
    applying volume of

    Volumeof OuterObject ...

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    The solution explains how to calculate the volume of the given solid after rotation.