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Moment of Force Problem

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1. Three forces F1, F2, and F3 or magnitude 40 N, 100N and 20 N are acting on a point. The direction of the forces are 0,-30 and +120 degrees from the positive X axis. Determine the magnitude and direction of the resultant force.

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Some statics problems

1. A horizontal circular plate is suspended as shown from three wires that are attached to a support at D and form 30° angles with the vertical. Knowing that the z component of the force exerted by wire BD on the plate is -32.14 N, determine ( a) the tension in wire BD

2. A 300- N force is applied at A as shown. Determine (a) the moment of the 300- N force about D, ( b) the smallest force applied at B that creates the same moment about D.

3. It is known that a force with a moment of 960 N x m about D is required to straighten the fence post CD. If d = 2.80 m, determine the tension that must be developed in the cable of winch puller AB to create the required moment about point D.

4. A small boat hangs from two davits. The tension in line ABAD is 82 lb. Determine the moment about C of the resultant force Ra exerted on the davit at A.

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