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The Calculation of Output Offset Voltage OPAMP

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We first look at the OPAMP circuit given and note it is of the inverting type so the magnitude of the gain ( ignore the - sign) is given by the ratio Rf / R1

We are also told this is 20dB which is equivalent to a factor of 100 so we can write

Rf / R1 = 100 so that Rf = 100*R1

Further since we are told R1 = 10kOhm (10^4 Ohm) we can deduce Rf as

Rf = 100 x 10kOhm = 1MOhm = 10^6 Ohm

As an aside also note that in the formula given the factor

(Rf + R1)/R1 = 1 + Rf/R1 =. 1 + 100 =. 101. This will make the maths simpler later ...

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This response provides a calculation of the output offset voltage of a inverting OPAMP circuit using the given output offset forum ulna and OPAMP table of characteristics