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Transistor design problem

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Redesign the circuit showin using Vcc=9V such that the voltage drop across Rc = 1/3VCC and the voltage drop across Re=1/3VCC. Assume Bf=100. the quiescent collector current is to be IcQ=.4mA and the current through R1 and R2 should be approximately .2Icq. Replace each transistor with the closest standard value. What is the value of Icq and what are the voltage drops across Rc and Re?

I am really confused. Isn't the problem stating that the voltage drop across Rc=3v and Re=3v? Is the question asking me if I can divid 9/3?


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The solution is an equational explanation. The transistor design problems are analyzed.

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You are right, the drop across Rc should be 3V and the drop across Re should be 3V.

So if IC is supposed to be ...

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