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System state space representation

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Consider the following system whose state space representation is as follows:

x'1 -1 1 α x1 0

x'2 = 0 -2 1 x2 + 0 u

x'3 0 0 -3 x3 1

y = [1 0 0]x

a) Draw the block diagram representation of the system.
b) Find the transfer function of the system.
c) Are there any values of α for which the system would be unstable?
d) Using the transfer function, determine for which value(s) of α the system is unstable.
e) Is the system controllable when α tends to infinity? Explain your answer.
f) Using the controllability matrix, check the answers found in (d) and (e).

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Consider the following system (see attachment) whose state space representation is as follows:

a) Find the transfer function of the system.
b) Compute eAt using the eigenvalues and eigenvectors method.
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