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Solving an Equation with Complex Numbers

Solve the equation z^2+z+1=0 using z=(x,y) and the basic definitions. (Hint: Note that y does not equal 0 because the equation X^2+X+1 does not equal 0 for any real number x.)

a. z1=--1+j(Sqrt3)/2 and z2=-1/2-j(Sqrt3)/2
b. z1=-1/2+j(Sqrt3)/2 and z2=-1/2-j(Sqrt3)/2
c. z1=-1/3+j(Sqrt3)/2 and z2=-j(Sqrt3)/2
d. z1=3/2+j(Sqrt3)/2 and z2=-1/2-j(Sqrt3)/4

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