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Simplifying a Circuit

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Simplify the following circuit. Line A goes into an INVERTER, then into a NAND Gate, then into an OR Gate, then travels into another NOR Gate. Line B travels into the same NAND Gate, then into the same OR Gate, then into the same NOR Gate. Now Line C goes into another INVERTER, then into an AND Gate, then into the same OR Gate as Lines A and B, then into the same last OR Gate. There is a line connected to line A, which comes down then goes into the same AND Gate as above, then into the same OR Gate as lines A and B, then into the same last OR Gate. Finally, there is a line connected to Line C that bypasses everything else except the final OR Gate, which it enters by itself. I need either an expression as a solution, or both an expression and a reduced diagram.

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Without a diagram, it is very difficult to explain (as you may already know) and read the circuit..

In your description, is the last gate an OR or an NOR?? In ...

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This solution provides an explanation for a simplified circuit. Inverter traveling for circuits are determined.

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