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    Porblems in electrical Engineering

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    Representative problems:

    1. A function is continuous but its first derivative has a finite discontinuity at the origin. What is your estimate of the rolloff rate?
    2. A system is characterized by a transfer function H(s) = 1 / s+5 . What is the natural response of the circuit?
    3. If a function is even, then its Fourier transform can be written as...
    4. The function x(t) = A cos t sin 2t is an even function. (True/False)?
    5. A function with impulses has no rolloff. (True/False)?
    6. What kind of circuit is equivalent to Z = 10 + j30?
    7. A rectangular pulse of height H is defined for -A/2 < t < A/2. Find the frequency domain representation X(?).

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