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Perform many calculations and show the formulas used for each step.

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My school required me to pick a class outside of my field of study in Information Security and halfway through, I realize I mad a poor choice. The first half of the class was Ohms Law and a few other simple formulas and wasn't that bad.

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The solution performs Ohm's law calculations using the formulas and showing all steps.

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Formulate a matrix equation and solve it.

Make sure to show all of the steps you used.

a) Set up the matrix equation to solve the problem given below.

Transportation Ace Trucking Company has an order for three products, A, B, and C, for delivery. The table below gives the volume in cubic feet, the weight in pounds, and the value for insurance in dollars for a unit of each of the products. If the carrier can carry 8000 cu ft and 12,400 lb and is insured for $52,600, how many units of each product can be carried?

Product A Product B Product C
Unit Volume (cu ft) 24 20 40
Weight (lb) 40 30 60
Value ($) 150 180 200

b) Solve the matrix equation above. Be sure to show the inverse matrix you used.

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