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Knowledge About Control Systems

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Consider a transient response of a control system as shown in the attached figure. Choose which system description matches this response.

a) DC gain 2, pole at -2, -3, -4.
b) DC gain 2, pole at -1-j4.4, -1+j4.4.
c) DC gain 1, pole at -1-j4.4, -1+j4.4.
d) DC gain 1, pole at -10.
e) DC gain 2, pole at -10, -2, zero at +5.

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This response is comprised of a 190 word solution which details how to understand control systems and transient responses of these systems.

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The steady-state(SS) value from the plot is 1.0. Let us find the SS value of each of the 5 given system descriptions using the Final Value theorem.

Output Y(t); Input X(t) = u(t)
TF(s) = Y(s)/X(s)
Y(s) = TF(s)[1/s]
Y(t=infinity) = Limit (s --> 0) s*Y(s) = Limit ...

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