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Find and Express the Z Transform as a Rational Function

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For the following expression:

x(n) = 3 (0.75)^n cos(0.3 pi n)u(n) + 4 (0.75)^n sin(0.3 pi n) u(n),

Please calculate and express the Z transform as a rational function Z^-1 and work out the ROC.

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The two-page solution walks the reader through the calculations to express the Z transformation.

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The step-by-step solution for this problem is attached.

Given x(n) = 3*(0.75)^n * cos(0.3*pi*n)u(n) + 4*(0.75)^n * sin(0.3*pi*n) u(n)

Find and Express the Z transform as a rational function Z^-1 and find the ROC.

The first step in solving the problem is to use ...

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