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Discrete-time Systems

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What is the transfer function of the system in Figure 5. T=0.1 and the forward path transfer function of the ZOH combined with the plant may be taken as (see attachment)

If the input in the above question is R(z)=1 derive the first three samples responses. Use the long division method i.e. express y(z^-1) = a_0 + a_1(z^-1)+a_2(z^-2)+... where the ai are constraints arising from your division.

Outline the essential features or elements of a SISO digitally controlled process if both the output and reference signals are sampled.

Determine the inverse Z-Transform of (See attachment). The sampling interval is T=0.2.

Give one benefit of digital compared to analogue controllers.

Find the Z-transform of r(t)=1+te^-3t

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