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Current for Three-Phase Loads

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Two balanced, in parallel connected, three phase loads are fed by a three phase line with a certain impedance per phase. Parameters are given for each load, with the line energized at the sending end from a 60Hz, three-phase balanced voltage source with line to line voltage of 120*((3)^(1/2))*(V) rms. Given the phase voltage (specifically in the attached document) and the per phase current, calculate the current per phase in each of the two loads. There are four choices given in the attachment.

Please read the attached pdf file for adequate numbers in their notation and for the options.

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The answer calculates the per phase current of all loads given, after using the parameters of voltage per phase. By using both impedance and voltage, the currents are determined.

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Source Voltage = Vs = 120 V
Source Current = Is = 5A at 0 degrees.
Line Impedance = Zl = 2+j4 Ohms/Phase = 4.47 Ohms at 63.4 degrees
Drop in Line = Is*Zl = 5*4.47 at 63.4 ...

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